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Freezer/Refrigerator Policy:

No type of freezer/refrigerator will be allowed outside the camper unit.


Pet Policy:

Resident’s well-behaved pets are welcome, but each resident is 100% responsible for their pets’ actions.

• Potentially dangerous breeds are NOT allowed.

• Pets must be controlled.

• Unattended pets may not be left staked outside.

• No kennels may be built on site.

• Day use playpens and portable traveling kennels are allowed if resident is on site.

• Excessive barking will not be tolerated.

• Pet owners must clean up after pets immediately.


RV Enhancements:

• Skirting of trailers is not allowed.

• Out buildings are not allowed.

• Rubbermaid type storage containers are allowed providing they are not over 4' height and are secured to RV unit to prevent moving in wind events.



• Pay special attention to watch for younger campers.

• Keep an eye on your own young children at all times and remember camping vehicles may have blind spots when backing.

• Reminder: RV Park speed limit is 5 mph.


Violation of any rule or policy may result in termination of stay with Dakota Sky RV Park.






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