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These rules were written with the intention of creating a safe and peaceful stay for every camper using the park. The general statement, “be respectful of others” should be an overall guideline for all patrons.

Violation of any rule or policy may result in termination of stay with Dakota Sky RV Park.

General Rules
  • Speed limit on all roads is 5 mph.
  • Quiet time in campground is from 10 pm to 8 am.
  • No fireworks are allowed in the RV Park.
  • Each camper is responsible for their own equipment; the RV Park assumes no responsibility for your items.
  • Campers must maintain their RV unit in a condition to be able to move at any time.
  • Digging on sites is not allowed, as there are buried utilities.
  • No free fires are allowed. Patrons may use an approved patio campfire device, but are fully responsible for their fire.
  • Campers and guests may not engage in any commercial activities in the Park.
  • Check in time is 3 pm; check out time is 2 pm for campers that are not yearly.
  • No tents are allowed.
  • Do not leave loose trash at site. All trash is to be placed in plastic bags and put in campground dumpster.
  • Do not clean fish in RV Park; use cleaning stations at boat ramps.
  • Do not place fish parts in RV Park dumpsters.
  • Wastewater (including sewage) must be disposed of via the sewer hookup.
Respect and Order
  • Keep your items orderly on your site; do not use another camper’s space.
  • Do not use electrical outlets on sites that are not yours.
Common Area
  • Restroom/laundry facility, picnic shelter and a fire pit are located in the common area for all park patrons use. Please help keep these facilities and the common area as clean as possible.
  • Individual sites are designed to accommodate two vehicles and one boat if parked correctly. All other vehicles should be parked in lot by common area. Please keep boat on electric pedestal side of RV trailer.
Decks and Stairs

Decks are permitted provided they meet the following guidelines:

  • Size does not protrude beyond your site boundaries.
  • No posts may be put into the ground; deck must remain a movable platform.
  • All building codes must be followed, with attention to guardrail and handrail requirements of local building code.
  • Material shall be treated lumber, cedar or composite for all exposed surfaces.
Freezer/Refrigerator Policy

No type of freezer/refrigerator will be allowed outside the camper unit.

Pet Policy
  • Resident’s well-behaved pets are welcome, but each resident is 100% responsible for their pets’ actions.
  • Potentially dangerous breeds are NOT allowed.
  • Pets must be controlled.
  • Unattended pets may not be left staked outside.
  • No kennels may be built on site.
  • Day use playpens and portable traveling kennels are allowed if resident is on site.
  • Excessive barking will not be tolerated.
  • Pet owners must clean up after pets immediately.
RV Enhancements
  • Skirting of trailers is not allowed.
  • Out buildings are not allowed.
  • Rubbermaid type storage containers are allowed providing they are not over 4′ height and are secured to RV unit to prevent moving in wind events.
  • Pay special attention to watch for younger campers.
  • Keep an eye on your own young children at all times and remember camping vehicles may have blind spots when backing.
  • Reminder: RV Park speed limit is 5 mph.